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Tips to Maintain your Boat

Tips to Maintain your Boat
Buying a boat is a huge investment and to make sure you secure this investment, routine maintenance is a must. Maintaining your boat will preserve its condition and make sure it always performs optimally. You’ll also avoid some common boat repairs which are quite costly.

First, you’ll need to look out for some signs that your boat could be experiencing some underlying issues. No one knows your boat better than you. If you notice rust stains, don’t just ignore it assuming that it’s normal. Rust stains can occur on areas such as the hull and may indicate a bigger problem with your boat.

Sometimes the components beneath the boat such as bolts could be exposed to water/leaking causing the area around it to form rust stains. This is an issue that can cause the boat to sink if ignored for an extended period. The bolts need to be caulked immediately in order to stop the leaking and rust from forming around that area.

Additionally, you need to inspect the boat trailer for any signs of wear and tear. If the worn-out parts are not replaced immediately, the boat can be very hard to retrieve. Sometimes the worn out areas may damage the hull so they need to be replaced immediately.

The boat’s propeller also needs to be in the right state. If dirt is left to accumulate on the propeller shaft, it could risk complete damage. This is an area that is often exposed to marine life which may cause a lot of damage and even hinder the performance of your boat. Have it cleaned immediately to make sure the propeller performs optimally always.

When the boat is not in use, like during the winter, it’s important to store it properly. Poor storage may cause mold formation and reduce the service life of your boat. Before storing the boat make sure you review its condition and ascertain that it is in the right state. Do not store the boat with things like exterior cushions and covers during off-season. Remove these items and make sure you don’t cover the boat in such a way that it can’t get proper ventilation.

Lack of proper maintenance often leads to a lot of disappointments. Sometimes the boat may fail at a time when you least expect it and you’ll have to spend a lot of money on the repairs. You can have an expert inspect your boat say four times in a year or so. If you notice a drop in performance, it would also be best to call in an expert to provide the right assessment. Doing this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Also consider hiring a marine surveyor to come and inspect your boat and make sure it’s in the right state. Sometimes self-inspection may not allow you to see significant problems with your boat and seek the necessary help. Remember that your safety and enjoyment is at stake so you must take all these maintenance requirements seriously. 

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