Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stow Away Marine – Adventures in the Deep Seas

Seafaring has always been the most risky and dangerous of all professions.  It has always been the first call of rusty, robust, rough and tough adventure seekers.  Some of the best known masterpieces in the world’s literature tell the tales of God-forsaken puny humans struggling with the angry waves in desolate waters of diabolic seas.  Nevertheless, the human habitation has traversed the globe; and the candle of civilization has sustained itself and spread across the hazy horizons by clinging precariously to the bellowing sails of rickety boats tossed in the stormy seas.

The present day sea navigation has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It is well governed by the national and international laws. Safety is the foremost concern for all kinds of seafaring activities.  Boating has become one of the prestigious sporting, recreational and leisure activities.  For those who can afford it, there are plenty of avenues to buy a whole vista of new or used boats, their spare parts and accessories. These boats are curiously known as Stows or Stow Aways in American parlance.

Stow Aways in America

Boat enthusiasts have a wide choice of boats to select from these shopping avenues, such as fishing, skiing or pontoon boats.  The staff members should be friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. The technicians manning these stow centers should be skilled, experienced and factory trained.  You can buy motors, trailers and a full line of accessories.  These centers should be authorized dealers of the manufacturers and provide every kind of service for your boats.

They should also provide all other types of boats related services like inside and outside boats storage facilities, boats registration and insurance etc. These centers should be fully compliant with the local and federal boating regulations. Some of them should impart regular and authorized training, education and certifications for boating enthusiasts.

The boating regulations have a lot of complications such as the restrictions imposed by the U.S. Environmental Agency on hydrocarbon emissions of outboard motors.

Marine Stowaway Dual Purpose

These are sealed packages designed to supply battery stored power for boats which can be used both for starting and cycling, and also for accommodating additional accessories.  The power packages have thick cover of calcium plates and are provided with glass matt separators.  They have different material components to balance starting ability with cycling in order to provide adequate dual purpose power. The packages must be positioned upright in a closed but well-ventilated compartment.

Choosing your Stowaway                                                          

They should be your one stop shop for used boats, boat motors, new or used spare parts, and all types of marine supplies.  They should also provide maintenance and repair service for all types of boats.  They should also take care of boats registration, insurance, licenses and bonds. 

Tip for Selecting your Boat Dealer

The selection of the dealer depends on the type of boat that you want to buy.  Check online the customer reviews of dealers certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.