Thursday, January 1, 2015

Simple Guide for Buying Used Boats

If you love boating, then buying a boat could be a great investment. You will get to avoid boat rental expenses and restrictions. Today, buying a used boat is an appealing option. A used boat is significantly less expensive than a new one. Taking everything into account, buying used boats comes with a myriad of risks most of which you can avoid by being vigilant when making the purchase. In addition to making sure the boat is well maintained, there are a few areas you should look at.

Appearance review

The first impression counts. You may buy an expensive boat but if its body looks horrible; its value will be depleted. Salt water attacks everything. If the body is rusted, there is a good chance even the internal components are rusted. This is common where the boat was not cleaned properly. To determine whether the boat was well maintained, you need to do the following:
·       Check for moss or discoloration. Get on the boat and pick up the ropes, the flooring materials and clear out the clutter. There is no need for alarm if there is only a light discoloration. A deep discoloration means neglect and this will be a high risk investment.
·       Condition of the features. The number of things you will have to replace will tell you how much money you will have to spend on the used boat. If there are cracks, broken materials and worn-out seats, you can expect to spend more in repairs. The less the amount of money you will have to spend in repairs the better.
·       Gel-coat. Restoring the finish of a boat is not an easy task. That is why you should consider buying a boat that has been waxed at least once a year. If the Gel-Coat hasn’t been done properly, you will get a dull appearance. With such an outcome, you will definitely have to repaint the boat or live with the dullness.

The above are the three most neglected areas. Most of these areas are irrelevant to the performance of your boat but they will definitely affect its value.

Mechanical review

The mechanics of a used boat are the most important. Engines are expensive. You don’t want to buy a boat with a broken engine that will cost you a fortune to replace. To review the mechanics, you will need a test run and hire a marine mechanic to review the components. In the initial inspection, here are the questions you should answer?
·       Does the engine look clean?
·       Near the seals and gaskets, can you see heavy grime deposits?
·       Can you see rust on the engine?
·       What are the freeze plugs made up of, brass or steel? Brass is the best material.
·       What is the condition of the batteries?

When buying a used boat, you must always take the condition of the watercraft seriously. Your life depends on it when out on the waters. Falls and capsizing are the most reported types of fatal accidents. This is according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Inspect the boat thoroughly and avoid neglected used boats.

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