Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Interested in Buying a Used Boat?

A vehicle or a water craft that can make you travel on water is known as boat. Boats are primarily used for recreational purposes like fishing and boating at inland lakes or coastal areas. Once they use to be made of only wood, but now days apart from wood they are made from many different materials like steel, plywood, composite material, and aluminum.

So, you have a dream of owning a boat, but are unable to realize your dream for the want of cash, as they are too expensive for you to purchase. Well, now you can make your dream come true. These days, there are many boats for sale agencies offering you second-hand or used boats with first class condition. If you have made your mind up and are ready to purchase a boat, you should consider these points.

What to look for before you buy a used boat?
A used boat: the first thing that comes to mind is - used by someone.  A fear comes along when buying boats for sale, that a used boat comes with problems and you might end up just repairing it.  But, the truth is way different. If you do purchase a used boat, it can give your family the enjoyment of their lifetime. The right boat can give your family not just a boating experience, but give them a cruising, skiing, and fishing enjoyment. And, if you buy one in a good condition, no one will know it is a second-hand boat. 
The Appearance:
While buying boats, remember first impressions is the best and the lasting impression. Hence; if the look of the boat is not appealing, it means it is attacked by salt and salt is erosive; its attack is fatal. 

This is how you can verify the appearance:
  • ·        Check the flooring material, coiled ropes, articles, discoloration (if it is light you can pass, but if it is deep-signs of neglection) and moss (can be found on the north side of the craft
  • ·        Make sure the wood and metal surface does not have any corrosion due to salt
  • ·        Look for riggings: The nylon ones might  be frayed or dirty
  • ·        The Gel-coat requires waxing annually, hence; if this has not been done it will have a dull appearance
  • ·        Examine the Hull: The Gel-coat discoloration will showcase this. In case you feel the hull looks like it has been required, get it inspected to know the repair was correct
  • ·        Are the bulk heads safe? Most of the bulk heads are secured by a laminate which separate over time. If yes, then please do not buy the boat.

Boat Parts

Boat parts are the most vital part of the boat or for that matter any machine. The correct part will increase the life of your boat and the wrong part will only decrease the lifespan of your boat. Many have the tendency of buying cheap parts as they think they are saving money, but in reality you are playing with the lifespan of your life. Whenever you buy any boat parts make sure they are authentic and have seal on them. Always buy branded parts as they come with guarantee that can be stood by to the words.  

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