Friday, April 12, 2013

Maintaining Your Boat for a Smoother Sailing Experience

Maintaining Your Boat for a Smoother Sailing Experience

Ahoy matey! How's the boat doing? Is she in tip top condition and ready to give you a smooth sail
each time you take her out into the waters?

People spend a lot of money nurturing their sailing passions and that of owning a boat and that
priceless boat slowly, but surely, begins to gain prominence in their lives. Why then would you
cause your boat harm by not caring for it and not maintaining it on a regular basis?

Now you wouldn't want your boat to be docked up in the yard forever, would you? Without routine
maintenance, that is just what will happen to your boat.

If you want your boat to enjoy the waters more than land, taking care of it is absolutely
essential. How then do you take care of your boat?

6 Easy Steps for Boat Maintenance

1. Clean It is an obvious fact that anything that's "clean" has a longer shelf life. The same
goes for your boat. Schedule a date with your boat once in two weeks or once a month to give it a
good wash.

2. Wax Routine waxing of your boat is essential to keep the surface looking as good as new.
Waxing your boat and using anti fouling paint protects your boat from environmental wear and
tear. You wouldn't want you boat to look old now, would you?

3. Mooring It is not only when your boat is in use that damage can be caused to it. Even when
it's being docked, your boat is exposed to getting scratched. Make sure you cover your boat when
it is not in use and make sure that the lines are always coiled and fastened securely. 

The ultra violet rays of the sun and the chemical marine environment are not your boat's best
friends. Hence, covering your boat is the best option to keep it safe when you are not sailing.

4. Battery Care Imagine your boat giving up halfway through a sail due to a drained battery.
Always make sure that your battery is dry, clean and charged well. You may call on a boat
maintenance specialist to check the efficiency of the battery from time to time.

5. Engine Flushing You need to thoroughly flush the engine of your boat after every sail to wash
off the dirt and debris that can cause long term damage and also to nullify the corrosive action
of salt water on the engine.

6. Routine Inspections Just like people are advised to go in for routine check-ups to ensure
their physical well being, your boat too needs routine inspections to ensure a fine working
condition. A boat maintenance expert will be able to help you with such inspections.

A boat maintenance expert will also be able to guide you with information about new boats for
sale, boat parts for sale, replacement of these parts, incorporation of used boats part in your
boat and other queries you might have regarding the upkeep of your boat.

Nothing harms a boat more than not maintaining it. A boat, just like your car, needs regular
maintenance to ensure that it always runs smoothly.

With these 6 easy steps for boat maintenance, your boat will reward you with a lifetime of
leisure that you can enjoy in it.
With good judgment and research there is a high possibility that you will come ashore at Stow Away
Marine, where you can trust us to please your boat the way she pleases you.

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