Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tips On Beginning Golf

As with any worthwhile undertaking, golf takes practice, and it can result in a lot of challenging
fun. The fastest way to hone your golf skills is to set small goals, plan a regular time to play
and practice, and learn from others. There are few methods as proven as learning from others who
are already playing the way you would like to play. When you actually start to play seriously you
want to be competent enough to stay with your group, plus offer a decent pace for them. 

Regular practice is the key. Focused golf rudiments such as putting, your swing, driving, and
navigating around the inevitable obstacles of a golf course are all important. As you play and
practice more you will start to fall in to the general feel of golf. You will pick up information
along the way, a tip here and there, that will make a difference. Momentum builds slowly but it
goes a long way.

Swing Practice. It is best to practice your swing using the right club for whatever application
is called for. If you are driving you will want to use a driver for weight and feel. Finding the
right club is a process. Experiment with various clubs and swings to get the match that makes
sense for you. Some clubs will work better for you than others. Ultimately your swing determines
where your ball lands. Practice in your backyard or find a professional facility. Yard practice
has some advantages. 

Privacy. You can experiment and make lots of mistakes that might otherwise be inappropriate in
another setting. It's great to be free to make mistakes without feeling self- conscious. Plus,
with yard practice you are already there. No travel time, social involvement, and other

There are thousands of publications and videos available so you can better learn the ins and outs
of golf. Great mentors have written and filmed hours of expert instruction. Make sure you know the
rules of the game and some of the exceptions under specific conditions. But, be careful. Taking
advice from just anyone can be a mistake. Be discerning. Get trusted tips from those who have
accomplished what you would like to do. Remember, if there was only one set way to play, it would
have been published years ago and that would have been the end of golf knowledge. It is constantly
evolving and your ability will develop too. Expect ups and downs. 

A great way to learn golf is to watch professionals play the game. Give yourself time, be patient
and have fun. You would not become a concert pianist over night and just as anything else
worthwhile, golf will take practice and applied knowledge.
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